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Book Review The Legend By Donna Grant

The Legend

Title: The Legend

Author: Donna Grant

Stars: 3 1/2 stars out of 5

3 1/2 stars out of 5

Suspend your belief while reading this book otherwise readers will be disappointed at the unrealistic nature of this book.
This is the third book in The Sons of Texas series but Donna Grant and since I started with book 3 I was a little lost on the story but Donna Grant caught up readers rather quickly mixing the backstory as well as the story together. The story as a whole moves very quickly keeping readers reading at a fast pace. This story focus on Wyatt and Callie but brings in the brothers from the other series as well as the father and Kate the future romance in book 4.
Donna Grant's writing style was a little hard to chew with the typical descriptions of Wyatt "magnificent male specimen" and "He was the master of decadence". Basically Wyatt is Rambo who has the ability to get shot and still keep moving. Callie is a super Hacker tried by the CIA and Rambo father so she is able to kill without problem.
I will admit with the body count I wanted to know where they were hiding, burying to putting them? Will someone not come looking for them?
Donna is able to give readers over the top violence, character development as well as catching readers up with what happened in the other books and sets readers up for the next book making them excited to see what will happen with the Family as well as the secret organization.
The book finishes with a bang, Happily Ever After and slight cliff hanger for those who have been following the series from book 1.
Thank you to Netgalley and the Publisher for the Advance Copy of of The Legend.
PS I love the book covers of these series.

In The Legend, Callie Reed doesn’t need a man to protect her. An expert sharpshooter and renegade hacker, this Texas-born spitfire’s got the skills and the courage to stand up to any danger—no matter how deadly. But when she becomes the target of a shadowy organization known as the Saints, Callie is forced to team up with the one man she can’t outshoot: the gorgeous, and infuriating, Lone Star legend named Wyatt Loughman…
A Delta Force Colonel with a rock-hard body and stone-cold heart, Wyatt has been teasing and tormenting Callie since they were playmates on his family’s ranch. Of course, he’s wildly attracted to the fiery, strong-willed Callie. But he’s always hidden his feelings behind a wall of Texas tough and military cool, even as he’s burning up with desire. Can Wyatt save Callie’s life—without putting her love in the line of fire?
Kindle Edition
Expected publication: June 27th 2017 by St. Martin's Paperbacks

About The Author:
Donna Grant
Donna Grant is the New York Times and USA Today bestselling author of the sizzling Dark King series featuring dragons, immortal Highlanders, and the Fae.

She was born and raised in Texas but loves to travel. Her adventures have taken her throughout the United States as well as to Jamaica, Mexico, and Scotland. Growing up on the Texas/Louisiana border, Donna’s Cajun side of the family taught her the “spicy” side of life while her Texas roots gave her two-steppin’ and bareback riding.

Despite deadlines and voracious reading, Donna still manages to keep up with her two children, three cats, and a dog.

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Book Review A Darkness Black (Windsor Series # 6) by Tamsen Schultz

Title: A Darkness Black (Windsor #6)

Author: Tamsen Schultz

Stars: 5 out of 5

I couldn't put this book down.  I have only read book one and now book 6 each are able to stand alone but it also brings characters from earlier books which readers of the series will love no doubt.
The story brings two people who needed one another but refused to see past their own sorrow and pain.
I enjoyed the mystery very Agatha Christie Nine little Indians and many more.  I found myself for the first time following the romance than the mystery. It could be because of all the different characters but to the authors credit she was able to keep everyone straights and the readers as well.
The romance takes center stage towards the end of the book and the mystery is tied up in a nice little bow.
I couldn't put the book down because I had to know if the couple was able to get over their past.  Lets face it since all of her books tie into a nice little bow this one had me wondering.

I wouldn't call it a roller-coaster but I wouldn't call the story slow either. It had the perfect pace for romance readers to love and mystery readers to enjoy.

I can't wait to go back and read books 2-5.

Darkness. Covert operative Caleb Forrester has always preferred darkness over light, keeping his grief and shame in shadow. But just as he starts to question this existence and let go of the years of blame he's carried, his best friend's widow calls upon him to help her stop a murder. It's a request he can't refuse, even though he knows that traveling to the remote New Hampshire mansion to reunite with Cate will put him face-to-face with memories he’s spent more than five years trying to forget.

Life. After suffering two searing losses less than a year apart, widow Catherine Thomson has worked hard to let go of her guilt, move forward, and rebuild her life. But when a murderer threatens the wealthy family she works for, it’s Cate’s history that may save them. To help her investigate, she calls on Caleb—a man she trusts though may no longer know—and when it becomes apparent that it's not just the family who is in danger, Cate realizes that revisiting the past she's so painstakingly put behind her may be the only way she can help Caleb find his own redemption.

Betrayal. It's everywhere. The Whatley family has generations of secrets and resentments that Caleb and Cate must wade through if they have any hope of preventing the murder. But it's Caleb's own disloyalty that shocks him to his core when he finds he's falling for Cate. Caleb knows that stopping the killer isn't going to be easy, but finding the strength—and forgiveness—to forge a future with Cate could be the hardest thing he’ll ever do.

About The Author:

Tamsen Schultz
Tamsen Schultz is the author of several romantic suspense novels and American Kin (a short story published in Line Zero Magazine). In addition to being a writer, she has a background in the field of international conflict resolution, has co-founded a non-profit, and currently works in corporate America. Like most lawyers, she spends a disproportionate amount of time thinking (and writing) about what it might be like to do something else. She lives in Northern California in a house full of males including her husband, two sons, three cats, a dog, and a gender-neutral, but well-stocked, wine rack.

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Book Review: A Tainted Mind (Windsor Series #1) by Tamsen Schultz

A Tainted Mind, Windsor Series Book 1
Title: A Tainted Mind (Windsor Series #1)

Author: Tamsen Schultz

Stars: 4.5 out of 5

This is the first novel Tamsen. 
The story starts off with a dead body and a medical examiner who needs a vacation. As the story continues so does the characters development which readers will appreciate. While the authors has a lot of talk and only a little action. The conversation were on point with the story and the author was still able to bring to life the world Tamsen was able to create.
Tamsen is able to create a small town feel that readers are pulled into a world of safety even though their is a serial killers out there hunting in the small town.
Their is romance with sex scenes that work into the story without being in the readers face.
The story has a nice flow, keeps readers engaged until the last page.

Advance Copy from Netgalley for Honest opinion. I was also sent book two which I will review also. 

OBSESSED with her job as a medical examiner and lead consultant with the FBI, Dr. Vivienne "Vivi" DeMarco is a woman running from her own demons. And finding the remains of a body on the side of a road in rural upstate New York wasn’t part of her plan. 

FRUSTRATED that the ghosts from his past won’t leave him alone, Ian MacAllister makes for a reluctant Deputy Chief of Police of Windsor, New York. But as more victims are discovered, all women that bear a shocking resemblance to Dr. DeMarco, he knows he’ll need to call on all the skills he learned as an Army Ranger if he wants to keep her safe. 

DENIED over and over again of the one thing he desires most, a killer may have finally reached his breaking point. The only question that remains is, will he take Vivi and Ian with him?

Kindle Edition324 pages
Published May 14th 2017 by EverAfter Romance

About The Author:
Tamsen Schultz
Tamsen Schultz is the author of several romantic suspense novels and American Kin (a short story published in Line Zero Magazine). In addition to being a writer, she has a background in the field of international conflict resolution, has co-founded a non-profit, and currently works in corporate America. Like most lawyers, she spends a disproportionate amount of time thinking (and writing) about what it might be like to do something else. She lives in Northern California in a house full of males including her husband, two sons, three cats, a dog, and a gender-neutral, but well-stocked, wine rack. 

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Book Review Keeping Her Close (Hot Heroes In Blue #2) By Suzanne Rock

Keeping Her Close by Suzanne Rock
Title: Keeping Her Close

Author: Suzanne Rock

Stars: 2 stars out of 5

Suzanne Rock wants readers to be taken on a while ride from the first chapters. The only problem is the story is unrealistic to the point it is laugh able. I wasn't able to get into the story and found myself uninterested in the characters who were a little too unbelievable. 
I am male and I know what I am doing to keep you safe. I am woman and I can take care of myself even if it puts others in danger. 
Advance Copy from Netgalley to my honest opinion

As the newest SWAT (Special Weapons and Tactics) Team member, Officer Maximo "Max" Ferreira is irritated that his first assignment is not diffusing a terrorist threat, but instead providing protection to the controversial blogger Tess Abbott during her lecture tour in New York City. He believes the job is nothing more than glorified babysitting but after one look at the sexy journalist, suddenly, his job is no longer a hardship.
The attraction between them is immediate, and Tess's take-charge personality in the bedroom is like a dream come true. Unfortunately, Tess is too wrapped up in her work to take their relationship seriously. When an attempt is made on her life, it will take all of Max's training to convince her to stop trying to handle everything on her own and stay where he can protect her best--in his arms.
Kindle Edition
Expected publication: June 20th 2017 by Swerve
About The Author:
Suzanne Rock
A lifetime New Englander, Suzanne married her college sweetheart and has been with him for over twenty years. Every summer she drags her husband and two daughters to Maine on a quest for the perfect lobster dinner. Every fall she can be found down in Foxboro, Massachusetts cheering on her favorite football team. In between those trips, she’s a chauffeur, a maid, a chef, an event planner, a hairdresser, a wardrobe stylist, a tutor and a sometimes masseuse. To keep her sanity, she often drinks copious amounts of coffee and stares at the blank screen of her laptop, dreaming of great adventures. Sometimes she even writes them down for others to enjoy.

Suzanne is represented by Deidre Knight of The Knight Agency and writes mainstream romances under the pen name Ava Conway.

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Book Review The UNSBU by Meg Gardiner

Unsub (UNSUB, #1)
Title: The Unsub

Author: Meg Gardiner

Stars: 5 stars out of 5

This is the first book I have read by Meg Gardiner.
The story a dark and gritty story serial killer story that drove one family member to the point of obsession The female lead Caitlin Hendrix is taking on the same Killer her father once tried to find.
The author has the ability to get into your head and keep you thinking about the story long after you have finished the book.
The author created characters who are real and their past struggles define who they are today.  Caitlin Hendrix. cutting herself to get though her fathers disgrace, mother over protective way of trying to help to her relationship and how it helps her work though her cases.
The author is able to paint very vivid imagines that bring the story to life even when the scene can be dark and gruesome.

The story is a serial killer story that I believe was inspired by the zodiac killers in San Francisco.
Thank you to Netgalley for the advance Copy

Caitlin Hendrix has been a Narcotics detective for six months when the killer at the heart of all her childhood nightmares reemerges: the Prophet. An UNSUB—what the FBI calls an unknown subject—the Prophet terrorized the Bay Area in the 1990s and nearly destroyed her father, the lead investigator on the case.

The Prophet’s cryptic messages and mind games drove Detective Mack Hendrix to the brink of madness, and Mack’s failure to solve the series of ritualized murders—eleven seemingly unconnected victims left with the ancient sign for Mercury etched into their flesh—was the final nail in the coffin for a once promising career.

Twenty years later, two bodies are found bearing the haunting signature of the Prophet. Caitlin Hendrix has never escaped the shadow of her father’s failure to protect their city. But now the ruthless madman is killing again and has set his sights on her, threatening to undermine the fragile barrier she rigidly maintains for her own protection, between relentless pursuit and dangerous obsession.

About The Author:
Meg Gardiner
Meg Gardiner is a bestselling, Edgar Award winning author. A former lawyer and lecturer at the University of California, she's also a three-time Jeopardy! champion. Born in Oklahoma, she grew up in Santa Barbara, California, and lives in Austin.

China Lake won the 2009 Edgar award from the Mystery Writers of America for Best Paperback Original. The Nightmare Thief won the 2012 Audie Award for Thriller/Suspense audiobook of the year. Phantom Instinct was named an O, the Oprah magazine, "Best Books of Summer."

Meg's upcoming novel, UNSUB, (out June 27, 2017) has been bought for development as a major television series by CBS. 

Find her on Facebook: and Twitter: @MegGardiner1

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Book Review Deadly Sanctuary (A Kendall O'Dell Mystery) by Sylvia Nobel

Deadly Sanctuary by Sylvia Nobel
Title: Deadly Sanctuary (A Kendall O'Dell Mystery #1)

Author: Sylvia Nobel

Stars: 4 out of 5


An engaging murder mystery set in modern day Arizona with a newly transplanted news reporter as the heroine. As she delves into the unexpected disappearance of her predecessor she finds all is not as it appears in the small town. This is a well written book and the vivid scenery descriptions will make you feel like you are there. I enjoyed this book and would read other offerings by this author.

I have rated this book 4 stars.

I obtained this book from Amazon in Kindle format.

Beautiful, strong-willed reporter, Kendall O'Dell, is drawn into an evil web of conspiracy beyond anything she could have ever imagined when she accepts a position at a small newspaper in isolated Castle Valley, Arizona. Her assignment: Find out why her predecessor mysteriously vanished while working on a story concerning the unsolved deaths of two teenage girls. Why is the sheriff so hostile to her inquiries? Why is the woman operating the local shelter for homeless girls so secretive? And how is attractive rancher Bradley Talverson involved?

When the body of a third girl is discovered in the desert not far from a private mental institution, Kendall's life hangs in the balance as she strives to uncover the horrifying secret.

 Her judicious use of language and lack of graphic sex and violence make her novels suitable from teens to seniors.

Paperback360 pages
Published April 28th 1998 by Nite Owl Books (first published January 1st 1998)

About The Author:
Sylvia Nobel
Sylvia Nobel, a resident of Arizona since 1961, is the author of the best-selling Kendall O'Dell mystery series. She is also one of the producers of the new feature film Deadly Sanctuary, based on the first book in the series. The 5th book, Forbidden Entry has now been released. Her breathtaking descriptions of the Arizona desert illustrate her love affair with the state's unique beauty. Her main protagonist, feisty, flame-haired reporter Kendall O'Dell has been described by readers as a modern day grown up "Nancy Drew" or a younger Jessica Fletcher from "Murder She Wrote". Her books are available from Nite Owl Books as well as major booksellers worldwide. Readers can participate in an adventure that provides the true ambiance of the modern west with each based on actual cases gleaned from news articles. The attention to detail and the eloquence of the masterfully written stories, will give the reader a vivid picture as well as present great insight into these well researched contemporary tales. Best yet, her judicious use of language makes readers comfortable sharing these books with teens and seniors alike. She follows the same pattern with the film, Deadly Sanctuary, which has received a PG-13 rating making it suitable for just about everyone! 

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Book Review What to Expect When Adopting A Dog By Diane Rose-Solomon

What to Expect When Adopting a Dog: A Guide to Successful Dog Adoption for Every Family
Title:What to Expect When Adopting A Dog

Author: Diane Rose-Solomon

Stars 5 out of 5

I have been taking care of a tiny army of 4 kids for the last 10 years and all that time I wanted to have a dog.  I spent many weekends looking at shelters, pets stores and cuddling with as many dogs possible.  I spent my life having a dog as a pet and I couldn't wait for the day when my youngest would be potty trained so I could really look.
Just before that day came the publisher asked if I would be interested in reading this book. I couldn't say yes fast enough the day the book arrived I couldn't put it down because I was excited to learn everything I could about pet ownership.

This book is a wonderful guide for those first time Dog owners and all the ins and outs of purchases and the financial cost of owning a dog.  Diane Rose-Solomon gives the readers wonderful suggestions along with websites to guide than on the decision make process of dog ownership as well and products that worked well for her. 
She mentions and talks about buying a pure bread vs Mix. Shelter vs Pet Store.  You can tell the author truly loves her dogs and wants everyone to experience the same love from adopting a dog.  I gave this to my kids to read which helped them understand what it means to have a dog and how it will be like having a sibling who can't talk.
This book helps new dog owners find guidance for when it is time to say good bye.

Every aspect of Dog ownership is laid out simple enough for an 8 year old to understand.  

Since reading this book we do have a fur member of the family she is a 7 month old Carolina possible mix (AKA American Dingo)
Ellie AKA Ellie Bear Formerly known as Rio

We decided on a shelter dog.  This book prepared us but owning a dog and reading about one is totally different and comes with a whole new set of struggles.

Sent from the Publisher

Whether dog adoption is right for you How to adopt a dog from a shelter or rescue group How to prepare your home for a new furry member How to integrate your new pup into your home, 
family and lifestyle. How to provide a lifetime of comfort and care from puppyhood through the senior years. In five modules, Certified Humane Education Specialist and award winning author Diane Rose-Solomon leads the reader through all the steps they should take to decide on a dog, the adoption process, and lifelong care. And, with the shorter lives of animals, she delivers a heartfelt chapter on saying goodbye to a pet.

There are thousands of dogs waiting for a loving home. This book educates a prospective dog parent on what to expect, helping make the experience easier and more joyous

Paperback194 pages
Published September 15th 2016 by Sop3 Publishing

About The Author:
Diane Rose-Solomon
 After rescuing a puppy 21 years ago, Diane Rose-Solomon became increasingly involved in animal rescue and education and served for years on the board of directors of a small grass roots animal rescue and aid organization. In 2009 to give back more to the animal community, she became a Certified Humane Education Specialist through Humane Society University. She then combined her humane and creative interests and published her first two books, award winning JJ the American Street Dog, and How He Came to Live in Our House and the sequel JJ Goes to Puppy Class.”

What to Expect When Adopting a Dog, her latest book, is a guide to successful dog adoption for every family. The book answers questions like whether dog adoption is right for you, how to adopt a dog from a shelter or rescue group, how to prepare your home for a new member, integrating the dog into your home, family, lifestyle, and more. In five modules, Diane leads the reader through the steps they should take to decide on a dog, then through the adoption process, as well as life¬long care. And, with the shorter lives of animals, she delivers a heart¬felt chapter on saying goodbye to a pet.

Diane enjoys reading the JJ books to children in schools, libraries and at adoption events. Her goal is to educate children and adults about how compassion extends to all beings, human and animal. To this end, she founded Team Kindness, a program where children, families and teachers can learn about and engage in kind, and humane educational activities. 

She lives in Los Angeles with her husband, two children and two rescued dogs. 

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Motherhood Monday I have been a mom for 11 year.

I woke up this morning and realized my baby is 11 year old today and while most of my friends keep asking me where did the time went? Where is my baby? All I keep thinking is when are you moving out and going to college?

Just kidding.... See my oldest was the worst baby. He screamed all night, he would scream waking up from a nap, and projectile vomit across the room after nursing.  (I am wiser know that he has acid reflex but I didn't realize that until he was 3 years old.)

This kid didn't sleep though the night until he was 2 year old and that means 4 hours at night. Thankfully when baby number 2 came (He was 2 1\2) he was sleeping though the night 8 hours.

He walked on his first birthday, talked one his first birthday wanting cookies and cars, he climbed out of his crib at 13 months. Waking his dad and I up at 2 am every morning with a thunk and giggles.  He figure out how to open his bedroom door even after we installed a baby knob so he couldn't open it on his own.

He started reading at 4, went to kindergarten just after turning 5. He makes friends so quickly because he doesn't see anything more than a person who might need a friend.
One day at car pick up one of the kids we normally picked up was suppose to stay at school for running club but he was too nervous and just wanted to go home.  (AKA friend\enemy) Instead Martin got out of the car put his arm around this kid and said I will wait with you until Running club starts and than my mom can come back and pick me up.  He did just that!

He came home from school one day saying a kid picked on another boy who drew a picture and wanted to show everyone. Instead a punk kid tore it up. My son picked up the pic and taped it back together and decided that boy was going to be his friend. They have now been friends for 2 years.

When this kid decides to do something nothing will stop him.  He loves learning and sometimes I need to put him to bed at 8pm just so I can rest my ears and brain from all the knowledge.

I became a mom for the first time today about 5 weeks earlier than expected but it was one of the most beautiful day of my life.

Motherhood My oldest is turning 11 year old!! Where did the time go?

My oldest is turning 11 years old and while some days I wonder where the time went other times I keep wondering why he isn't in college yet?
His brain is a work of art.  Every day he finds something new to discover.  He loves spaces, Periodic Table, Science, hates math, school, loves to read non fiction,  loves to discover what happens when you mix chemicals as long as mom agrees to it.

His brain never shuts off!  I mean it even in his sleep he will talk about everything and anything. Waking me up many in the night.  I feel sorry for his future wife roommates.

He is a blessing because I was told due to my eating disorder it would be really hard for me to ever have kids.  I went from one child to four kids. Each one as different as the next. Each one a little blessing and many times a little terror.

With my oldest I can't get away with a simple nodded and move on to what I was doing because he will catch me off guard.  He loves out fur family member Ellie and is the reason she is still in the house.
The very first night he said goodnight to Ellie "I didn't know I could love someone so much in such a short amount of time. You are apart of our family Ellie."

Happy Birthday to my preteen who test me more than I ever thought possible and who I love more than my own life.

Friday, June 16, 2017

Book Review Mindspeak by Heather Sunseri

Mindspeak (Mindspeak, #1)
Title: Mindspeak

Author: Heather Sunseri

Stars: 4.5 stars out of 5

I will start by saying that this book was not within the spectrum of what I normally read. However, with that said, I was completely blown away with this book which is book 1 of a trilogy. It has a story line, and main character, that surrounds you and makes you feel like you are part of the story. If you are a fan of the paranormal, with a touch of science fiction, this trilogy will be a must read.

I have rated this book 4.5 stars.

I obtained this book from Amazon in Kindle format.

She was created for a purpose so revolutionary, someone was willing to kill for it.

Seventeen-year-old Lexi Matthews keeps two secrets from her elite boarding school classmates—she’s the daughter of a famous and controversial geneticist, and she can influence people’s thoughts.

But after new student Jack DeWeese heals her broken arm with an anything-but-simple touch, he forces Lexi to face a new reality—her abilities reach much further than speaking to the minds of others.

After Lexi’s father goes missing and she receives threatening emails, she can’t decide whether to fall into Jack’s arms or run and hide.

As Lexi seeks answers to what she and Jack are, she discovers a truth more unsettling than anything her science books can teach. And letting Jack into her life of secrets is not only a threat to her very existence, but it just might break her heart wide open.

Paperback396 pages
Published June 6th 2013 by Sun Publishing (first published January 25th 2013)

About The Author: 
Heather Sunseri
Heather Sunseri was raised on a tiny farm in the smallest of towns in thoroughbred horse country near Lexington, Kentucky. After high school, she attended Furman University in Greenville, South Carolina, and later graduated from the University of Kentucky with a degree in accounting. Always torn between a passion for fantasy and a mind for the rational, it only made sense to combine her career in accounting with a novel-writing dream.

Heather now lives in a different small town on the other side of Lexington with her two children, and her husband, Mike, the biggest Oregon Duck fan in the universe. When she’s not writing or working as a CPA, she spends her time tormenting her daughter’s cat, Olivia, and loving on her son’s Golden Retriever, Jenny. MINDSPEAK is her first published novel. 

Thursday, June 15, 2017

Book Review Gone To Dust by Liliana Hart

Gone to Dust (Gravediggers #2)
Title: Gone to Dust (Gravedigger #2)

Author: Liliana Hart

Stars: 4.5 out of 5

4.5 stars out of 5
Book two in the Gravediggers series does not disappoint in the least. We follow Miller Darling and Elias Cole down the rabbits hole of a treasure that as consumed Miller Darlings family life. Elias Cole is a dead man waking trying to find a balance of death and life with the beautiful Miller Darling and her very interesting lifestyle. 
Gone to Dust is full of fun banter between the different characters readers met in book one and Darling and Coles endless sexual tension. 

The story is very much a romance vs the first in the series which had more action with Romance thrown in. Gone to Dust is a lot more telling and less showing. Which throws the treasure hunt out the window toward the middle of the story and end. 
Gone to Dust still packs on heck of a punch but with more romance and less kick butt action scenes.

The ending of the book is very rush as if the author wasn't sure what to do but wanted to keep her readers happy. Not as much action and blood as there was in the first book but this one will not disappoint readers.

I am beyond excited to read the next in the series. The story is well paced, readers are giving very traditional Liliana Harts sex scenes that will have readers blush. 
Advance Copy from Netgalley and the Publisher. Thank you from the bottom of my heart from this Fan of the Grave Digger Series. Keep writing!!

he Gravediggers aren’t exactly what they seem. They’re the most elite of the world’s fighting forces—and all they have in common is that they’ve been betrayed by the countries they’ve died for. Because they are dead. To their country, their military, and their families.

Sometimes the dead do rise....

Miller Darling is one of the most popular romance novelists of her time. Not bad for a woman who doesn’t believe in romance. She’s as logical as they come, and she doesn’t believe in happily-ever-afters. What she does believe in is family, so when her brother disappears, she doesn’t think twice about packing her bag and her laptop and heading out to find him.

Elias Cole lived and breathed the life of a Navy SEAL. Now he’s “dead” and his hero’s honor tarnished. The only thing keeping him sane are the men who are like him—The Gravediggers—and the woman who makes his head spin. He’s never met anyone like Miller Darling. Her smart mouth and quick wit keep him on his toes, and damned if he doesn’t find that appealing.

When Miller receives a package from the brother who abandoned her asking for help, it’s clear she’s in over her head with the mess he’s gotten himself into. She needs a professional, and Elias is just the man for the job. Only her brother is a former SEAL—the man who left his team to die—and Elias is more interested in vengeance than saving his life.

Paperback384 pages
Expected publication: June 20th 2017 by Pocket Books

About The Author:
Liliana Hart
Liliana Hart spent five years teaching music in the public education system. She molded America’s youth, busted kids for smoking pot in the restrooms, and broke up illicit affairs behind the stage on a regular basis. (Liliana’s Addison Holmes Mystery Series, about a small town teacher who gets into a whole lot of trouble, is somewhat autobiographical, but she won’t confess to which parts).

Liliana began reading romance novels with all her new found free time, and when she ran out of things to read, she decided to write her own novels. The result was a 150,000 word thriller—a dazzling adventure—where the heroine was a thirty-year-old virgin assassin (Yes, you read that right). She couldn’t imagine why people weren’t knocking down her door to read it, but she persevered and began writing a second book. She finally got the hang of things, and eventually learned that losing one’s virginity wasn’t all that romantic after all. All of her books involve some kind of suspense (she just can't help herself), laughter, and a lot of steamy sex. 

Since the failure of her first attempt, Liliana’s books have won awards such as: The Daphne Du Maurier, The Suzannah, The Linda Howard Award of Excellence, The Maggie, and many others. Her affiliations include Romance Writers of America and Mystery Writers of America. 

Liliana loves to cook, and is addicted to reading, Internet Boggle, kickboxing, and Bones. She lives in a big, rambling house in Texas with a couple of cats to keep her company. She loves to get emails from readers.

Enjoy the Adventures!

Wednesday, June 14, 2017

Book Review The Last Place You Look By Kristen Lepionka

The Last Place You Look (Roxane Weary, #1)
Title: The Last Place You Look


Star: 5 out of 5

Roxane is a P/I and very messy character she has a drinking problem. She is trying to figure out two relationships one with a man her father (passed away) former partner and a girlfriend she has called on many times to help out in a pinch. Now she is asked to help prove that Brad Stockten didn't kill his girlfriend parents 15 years ago.
The mystery builds at a perfect speed as well as the character development of Roxane which readers will struggle with as she drinks her way though different bottles dealing with the death of her father and life as a PI. Money is tight so she takes a case she doesn't at first believe in but soon she finds herself trying to find the truth.
As things are relieved readers will not be shocked but it doesn't matter because the author has you believing in the characters finding readers struggling along side with the decisions each characters makes. The characters are flawed and not even close to being perfect specimens of life. Which will have readers hooked until the end of the story that will keep readers satisfied.
This is a great debut novel and a up and coming author I plan to follow.
Thank you to Netgalley for the advance copy. 

Sarah Cook, a beautiful blonde teenager disappeared fifteen years ago, the same night her parents were brutally murdered in their suburban Ohio home. Her boyfriend Brad Stockton - black and from the wrong side of the tracks - was convicted of the murders and sits on death row, though he always maintained his innocence. With his execution only weeks away, his devoted sister, insisting she has spotted Sarah at a local gas station, hires PI Roxane Weary to look again at the case.

Reeling from the recent death of her cop father, Roxane finds herself drawn to the story of Sarah's vanishing act, especially when she thinks she's linked Sarah's disappearance to one of her father's unsolved murder cases involving another teen girl. Despite her self-destructive tendencies, Roxane starts to hope that maybe she can save Brad's life and her own.

Hardcover336 pages
Expected publication: June 13th 2017 by Minotaur Books

About The Author:
Kristen Lepionka
Kristen Lepionka grew up mostly in her local public library, where she could be found in the adult mystery section well before she was out of middle school. Her writing has been selected for Shotgun Honey, McSweeney's Internet Tendency, Grift, and Black Elephant. She is also the editor of Betty Fedora, a semi-annual journal that publishes feminist crime fiction and lives in Columbus, Ohio, with her partner and two cats.

Tuesday, June 13, 2017

Book Review: The Ultimatum by Karen Robards

The Ultimatum by Karen Robards
Title: The Ultimatum

Author: Karen Robards

Stars: 5 out of 5

This is the first book I have read by Karen Rob
The Ultimatum is a fun con artist\thief style of book similar theme would be the oceans 11 type of movie.  The characters are a little over the top but human enough to be enjoyable.  The Ultimatum is well paced story that will keep reader engaged even with the cliffhanger readers will be satisfied with the ending.
The female character is likable and readers will connect with her from start to finish. 
Karen Robards is able to create a fast pace story that seems to have the perfect blend of backstory, character building to keep readers connect to the story and excited for the next in the series.

My one complainant would be  the grammar errors I found that were simple error I assume will be corrected in the final proof. A few more comma used in the right place would help with the pacing of the story.
Thank you to Netgalley for the advance Copy

 Growing up, Bianca St. Ives knew she was different from all her friends. Instead of playing hopscotch or combing her dolls' hair, she studied martial arts with sensei masters and dismantled explosives with special-ops retirees. Her father prepped her well to carry on the family business. Now a striking beauty with fierce skills, the prodigy has surpassed the master.

She's known as the Guardian. Running a multinational firm with her father, she makes a living swindling con men out of money they stole - and she's damn good at it. She does things on her own terms. But her latest gig had a little hiccup - if you count two hundred million dollars and top secret government documents going missing as little. Her father also died on the mission. The thing is, the US government doesn't believe he's really dead. They'll stop at nothing to capture Richard St. Ives, a high-value target and someone who has been on most-wanted lists all over the world for over two decades, and they mean to use Bianca as bait. With only a fellow criminal for backup and her life on the line, it's up to Bianca to uncover the terrifying truth behind what really happened - and set it right, before it's too late.

Kindle Edition368 pages
Expected publication: June 13th 2017 by MIRA

About The Author:
Karen Robards
Karen Robards is the New York Times, USA Today, and Publishers Weekly bestselling author of more than fifty books and one novella. She has won multiple awards including six Affaire de Coeur Silver Pen Awards for favorite author.
Karen has been writing since she was very young, and was first published nationally in the December 1973 Reader's Digest. She sold her first romance novel, ISLAND FLAME, when she was 24. It was published by Leisure Books in 1981 and is still in print. After that, she dropped out of law school to pursue her writing career.
Karen was recently described by The Daily Mail as "one of the most reliable thriller....writers in the world."

Monday, June 12, 2017

Book Review The Match UP Edited by Lee Child

MatchUp by Lee Child
Title: MatchUp Anthology 

Author: Less Child, Sandra Brown, and many more

Stars: 5 out of 5

Lee Child took 22 well known authors paired two of them together. Each other bringing their out style of writing and merging it with another author.  Bring together the most amazing anthology I have read in a long time. Either authors voice was over powering the authors voice and in fact I couldn't tell you where one ended and one began with each new story.  

 The Match up has something for everyone From Historical to paranormal from Thriller to Crime the authors work so well together you are not sure where one begins and one ends. This Anthology gives readers a chance to try out a new set of authors, stories and genre to find something a little different.

Can I pick just one story out of the out of the collection that I enjoyed more than the others?
The ones that I enjoyed the most were Lee Child and Kathy Reichs brings together Jack Reacher and Dr.Temperance Brennan in Faking a Murder and Lisa Jackson and John Sandford in Deserves to be dead.
  Each story brings characters together in unexpected ways.  into a story together.  What could be better than that?

In a nut shell this series is the perfect beach read you get every genre you are looking for an a more to try out.

Thank you to Netgalley for the Advance Copy. 

In this incredible follow-up to the New York Times and USA TODAY bestseller FaceOff, twenty-two of the world’s most popular thriller writers come together for an unforgettable anthology.

MatchUp takes the never-before-seen bestseller pairings of FaceOff and adds a delicious new twist: gender. Eleven of the world’s best female thriller writers from Diana Gabaldon to Charlaine Harris are paired with eleven of the world’s best male thriller writers, including John Sandford, C.J. Box, and Nelson DeMille. The stories are edited by #1 New York Times bestselling author Lee Child and feature:

Hardcover464 pages
Expected publication: June 13th 2017 by Simon Schuster 

About The Author:
-Lee Coburn and Joe Pickett in “Honor & …” by Sandra Brown and C.J. Box
-Tony Hill and Roy Grace in “Footloose” by Val McDermid and Peter James
-Temperance Brennan and Jack Reacher in “Faking a Murderer” by Kathy Reichs and Lee Child
-Jamie Fraser and Cotton Malone in “Past Prologue” by Diana Gabaldon and Steve Berry
-Liz Sansborough and Rambo in “Rambo on Their Minds” by Gayle Lynds and David Morrell
-Jeffrey Tolliver and Joe Pritchard in “Short Story” by Karin Slaughter and Michael Koryta
-Harper Connelly and Ty Hauck in “Dig Here” by Charlaine Harris and Andrew Gross
-Regan Pescoli and Lucas Davenport in “Deserves to be Dead” by Lisa Jackson and John Sandford
-Lucan Thorne and Lilliane in “Midnight Flame” by Lara Adrian and Christopher Rice
-Bennie Rosato and John Corey in “Getaway” by Lisa Scottoline and Nelson DeMille
-Ali Reynolds and Bravo Shaw in “Taking the Veil” by J.A. Jance and Eric Van Lustbader

Disclaimer for all reviews sent by the publisher, publicist or author for review.